News and Updates


Password Protector
You can now configure how long it is before a login timeouts (due to inactivity). You can set it to no timeout if you want. Go to Password Protect/Configure

We have improved the admin panel for the Password Protector. The Password Protector works exactly like it did before, its just easier to understand and use now (hopefully!)


Your target countries
You can now choose to display certain countries at the top of any 'Choose Country' lists that appear on your forms. Go to Your Account | Global Settings and look for the Main Target Countries link.


Registration System
With the professional version you can now assign a personal home page to each individual member. They are taken to their personal home page when they login. Also, if you are using a 'Members Area' link then when a member clicks on that link they are taken to their personal home page i.e. 'Members Area' is more like 'My Account'.

View your registration data and you'll see the new 'account home page' field

Any problems with this new feature please let us know!


Message Service
With the professional version you can now let your unregistered visitors send messages to your members. Go to 'Message Service' | 'Configure' and you'll see the new option.


ForumBoard Builder

There is a new widget that enables you to display a summary of the latest posts in your forums. You can insert the widget into any page you want e.g. your home page. Go to the Embed Code (URL/Code Paste) for ForumBoard Builder to see the code.

The format bar used for formatting new forum messages has been improved - in the way it looks and works.

With prof subscription people can now upload images into their forum posts. If you don't see an [img] button above the 'enter message' box then for the forum concerned go to 'Style/Display' and enable image insertion


The photocenter has been modernised – it is much improved. We will soon be providing some additional embed code for it as well.

Registration System Payment Service Free Trial
Anyone with a free trial of the Registration Payment Service now has (for one month) a fully functioning payment service. This means that for one month you can actually charge for membership on your website - or at least try it out properly


Registration System - new search box code
On the Registration System | Embed Code page (or URL/Code Paste) there is now code for a search box that enables your members to search for other members registered on your site. You can insert the search box into any web page on your site.


Registration System Widget
You can customize the widget even more. You can change the name/labeling of the links and you can add your own links as well e.g. to your members area home page. Take a look and grab the code again if you want to change it.


We think you'll like this!
When people register on your website or post messages etc they are sometimes sent an email from your tool service. The email is sent to them from Professional subscribers can now change that poppydog email address to be their own.

To change the email address go to My Account and look under the Global Tool Settings column.


SurveyBuilder - New Release
You can now:


Registration System
When someone registers, confirmation of their registration is emailed to them. You can now provide your own message to be included in the email. Go to Registration System / Configure page and you'll see the new text box into which you can type your message, its under section 'Registration authentication and notification'

You can now stipulate that email addresses can only be used once for registration i.e. people cannot register multiple times using the same email address. Go to Registration System / 'Configure' and look under section 'General Options'


Password Protector
You can now protect your pages with either a username/password combination or with just a password. Go to Password Protector | Configure to see the new option. Any problems with this feature let us know.


NEW: Registration System and Forums
We have improved the way member profile photos are displayed and edited. Any problems or questions let us know.



New Tool - Comment Sysytem

We've created a simple to use widget that enables you to add a fully featured comment section to your web pages. Its fully integrated with the Registration System. Just paste it into your web page where you want comments to appear. Check out the Comment System. Let us know of any problems or suggestions for improvements.


Survey Tool
You can now restrict access to survey results to holders of a password. Set the password on the config page for the survey. You need to provide the 'view results' link (see the URL/Code Paste page) to the people concerned e.g. on the web site somewhere or email it to them along with the password.


NEW: Affiliate/Referral Scheme
If you refer people to PoppyDog you can now earn commission or pay for your PoppyDog services. To link to PoppyDog and start earning commission go to the affiliate link at the bottom of the page and sign up to get a your affiliate ID and referral url


Registration Payment System
You can now set up different subscription payment options e.g. $10/month and/or $80/year etc


Registration System - New Feature
You can now create messages to show to your members when they logon. Only messages created since they last logged are shown so its ideal for news and updates


There is a new template option which allows you to provide html to be inserted above and below all your tools (i.e. a header and footer). Some people might find this easier to use than the other previous options.
You set your tool template here: Default Too Template


You can now insert the guestbook into your web page like a widget. If you give it a go and experience any problems please let us know because it uses new fancy technology behind the scenes!

URL/Code Paste
For all tools (except Registration System) we now provide code for inserting them directly into your web page (by using an iframe). Some people might find this preferable as it will get rid of the poppydog url in the address bar.

The forums have had a face lift. Also the screening and moderation pages have been improved. You can also move topics from one forum to another. If you can think of any other improvements that are badly needed let us know.

Registration Payment System
If you are using two types of registration (individuals and businesses), you can now set up charging differently for each registration type.

Registration System
You can now insist that visitors must log on before they can view profiles. Go to the 'Registration System' | 'Configure' page and see the new option at the bottom.


Password Protector
You can now provide your own login page (instead of having the PoppyDog generated page). Go to Password Protector | Configure to see the new option. Any problems with this feature let us know.


You can now upgrade some individual tools

If you are only using say the Password Protector you can choose to only upgrade that for less than a professional subscription (although the professional subscription is still very good value).


PoppyDog's had a face lift!

It was about time we modernised the web site. Everything works exactly like it did before, it’s just presented differently.

The tools themselves have not been changed in any way

If there are any problems please let us know


Message Service
There is a new improved version of this service. Amongst other things it is now more like a regular message inbox in which messages are stored for a couple of weeks. It has moved away from the instant message feel.

Survey Builder
There is a new improved version of this service. It is now much easier to use and looks better.

Poll Builder
There is a new improved version of this service.

CAPTCHA (image verification on the forms)
A number of improvements:

  1. There is an option to switch this off in ForumBoard Builder and MessageBoard Builder (go to the relevant poppydog 'Style/Display' page).
  2. With the forum and message boards, if someone is logged on they will not have to fill in the captcha when posing a message (it wont be on the form)
  3. With the Registration System, if you have configured it so that registration emails are confirmed by the user or you are manually approving registrations, then the captcha is no longer on the form.

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions with regards to captcha let us know


NEW: Email Form Service
We've taken our time doing it but finally we have implemented an email form service. This service enables you to have a form on your website which is emailed to you when its submitted.

Details of the Email Form Service are here

As always any problems or suggestions for improvements please let us know


Poll Builder
Professional Subscribers can now create polls with up to 50 responses. Free versions are still limited to 10 responses.


Registration System
When a member logs on, you can now display their profile photo on your web pages (if they have one). The code paste for this can be found on the Registration System URL/Code Paste page (at the bottom of the page)


New Features/Improvements

ForumBoard Builder
1) visitors can edit their messages. Go to the Configure page for each forum to switch it off/on
2) There is now a profanity filter. You can add your own words to it or switch it off if you want.
Go to the Configure page for each forum. Go to the Configure page for each forum to switch it off/on 3) visitors can preview their messages
4) visitors can report inappropriate posts to the moderators

PhotoCenter Builder
Visitors can now rate the images. To switch this option on/off go to 'PhotoCenter Builder' | 'Configure Photo Center'.

Guest Book
At last you can edit the questions that you ask!

Registration System
usernames can now be up to 30 characters long


NEW Registration Payment Service
Charge a fee for your website membership. Features include: one off payments, recurring subscriptions, two levels of membership: free and full, automatic payment and registration handling. Works with PayPal


NEW!! RegistrationForm Builder
You can now ask whatever questions you want on your registration/profile forms and choose what is displayed in your members directory. Check out the RegistrationForm Builder Add-On service. Any problems or suggestions for improvements let us know.


ForumBoard Builder
1) You can now configure what permissions forum moderators have i.e. whether or not they can block IP addresses, delete memberships etc. Go to ForumBoard builder and hit the (new) 'Moderator Permissions' button

2) With forum boards you can now restrict topic creation to moderators and admin only. To do this, go to the Configure page for the relevant forum board and look for the new option under the section: 'Level of Access' section


ImageStore and PhotoCenter Builder
We have released a new tool to go with the ImageStore. It is called PhotoCenter Builder and it allows you to create a photo album or gallery on your web site. We have also made improvements (again!) to the imagestore. Anyhow, everyone can have a free trial again if you wish.


Startup page
If you are not allowed to create web pages (e.g. you have a blog), we now provide an alternative method for creating that dreaded (but really useful) poppydog startup page!


Color Schemes
It has always been the case that one color scheme was used for all your tools (called the master color scheme). Now you can set a different color scheme for each tool if you wish. Using a master color scheme is still a good idea, but at least now if you want your forum boards to look different to your registration system members directory then you can. Look for the (new) 'Color Scheme' button on the tool control panels.


Subscription Costs
Trial memberships - sign up fully now and save money:
For 'new' signups, we have increased the minimum subscription level from 5,000 page views a month to 10,000 page views. This means an increase from £2.50 to $5.00 month. This change will not affect existing customers i.e. if you are currently paying for just 5,000 page views a month ($2.50) then you will continue do so.
If you are currently signed up for the professional subscription free trial and you choose to sign up fully before the trial runs out, then you too will be able to able to pay just $2.50 month instead of $5.00.


Subscription Renewals
You can now renew your subscriptions when ever you want i.e. you do not have to wait until its due for renewal. Go to 'Account Manager' and you should see the renew links. To be more precise, you can renew your subscription anytime if you have a year or less left to run.


Image Store
You can now enable your visitors to upload images into the forum boards. We have also made some other general improvements including the ability to easily select images from the Image Store to use with your PoppyDog tools (e.g. emoticons, template logo, page background etc). Also when you browse through your image store, the images are now displayed (thumbnails) so its much more user friendly. The next step will be to introduce a kind of photo album front end to use with it, but that wont be for a while. Everyone who has already had a trial can have another trial in case you want to take a look at it again


Registration System
We have a slightly improved code for the 'login box'. If you have inserted a login box into your web pages you might want to use the new code ('Registration System' | 'Url Code Paste'). Now if someone enters incorrect details, the web page remains displayed and a little message appears in the box. Previously if incorrect details were entered, a dedicated login page appeared


ForumBoard Builder
At the top or foot of your forum boards, you can now display the number of guests visiting your forums and who is logged on etc. If you want to display this on your forums, go to the 'ForumBoard Builder' | 'General Style' page and select the relevant option (at the top of form). Any problems let us know


New Service
We've just introduced a new Add-On service for the Registration System tool. It is a Data Backup Service and will enable you to back up and download the data relating to your registered members (email addresses, usernames, profiles etc). Please let us know if you experience any problems with it or have suggestions for improvements more


Password Protector
You can now make sure that no-one can access your protected pages directly by inserting a line of JavaScript into the protected pages. Details can be found on the 'Password Protector'|'Url/Code Page' page.


UPDATE: ForumBoard Builder: We've given the forum boards a bit of a face lift. There is now a slightly more 'modern' style. Existing forums will still look like they did before, however you can change to the new style by going to 'ForumBoard Builder' | 'Forum Style'


UPDATE: ForumBoard Builder (Professional Subscribers): if you have configured a forum so that messages have to be approved by you first before they appear (screened), you can now choose to receive an email when a message is posted. This will stop you having to keep looking for new messages! To receive emails go to 'ForumBoard Builder' | 'Configure' | and look under the section called 'Screening'. Any problems let the crew know, thanks.


Forumboard Builder: Professional Subscribers can now supply their own emoticon/topicon images to use in the forum boards Go to 'ForumBoard Builder' | 'Icons/Images'.

NEW SERVICE Image Store: the image store service is designed to be used with the Registration System tool. It allows your members to upload their profile photos and signature images. You can control which images can be uploaded and also set the max size of uploadable images. You can also use the store to upload your own images as well. There is an extra charge for using this service.


Message Service: Professional Subscribers can now supply their own buttons for the message service, replacing the ones currently used. Should help it to match your site even more. Go to 'Message Service' | 'Configure'.

Registration System: There are two new features available:
1)We've provided html code which will allow you to insert a login box into your web pages. Go to the 'Registration System' | 'URL/Code Paste' page, section 4 for details.

2) We've provided an alternative url for the 'Register' link which allows you to open up the registration forms in a new window straight away. Go to the 'Registration System' | 'URL/Code Paste' page, section 5 for more details.

Registration System Clubs/Subscriptions: three new things, further details are on the 'Registration System' | 'Subscriptions and Clubs' | 'URL/Code Paste' page (for the selected club)
1)You can now create an 'Unsubscribe to ..' link for any clubs/subscriptions you may have set up.

2)We've provided a bit of JavaScript that you can use to detect if someone is subscribed to a club

2)We've provided a bit of HTML that you might find useful which displays a 'subscribe to..' form/box

JavaScript Coders: For some of our tools we describe how JavaScript can be used e.g. to detect if someone is logged onto your site. This JavaScript often required that you check for cookies. We now provide utility functions which do the checking for you (which is a good thing if ever we change the way we use cookies). You dont have to change any of your code, all your JavaScript will still work. Its just that the JavaScript code we now give looks different (and much simpler) and makes use of these new functions e.g. pd_isLoggedOn(<..>). We may be able to think of a other functions for JavaScript coders that can be used with the tools (or maybe not!). If you have any ideas let us know and maybe we will build a library of functions.


UPDATE: We've simplified the ways that you can make use of the Registration System within your web site. All the same functionality exists, its just presented in a more simplified way (hopefully!). For those who are already using it extensively you might notice a couple of changes in the instructions on how to do something, however it all still works (and always will) if you followed the old instructions. Basically the new instructions cut out some steps that are now redundant. All instructions can now be found on the 'Registration System' | 'URL/Code Paste Page'. Let us know if you find any problems.


UPDATE: Within the Registration System you can now create membership subgroups (subscriptions or clubs). Previously clubs were only really used to protect access to forum boards. By creating a club you can now do things such as create a 'Subscribe to Newsletter' link on your web site. By doing this you can restrict access to the Newsletter to only those who have subscribed to it. You can also obtain the email addresses of all those who have subscribed to it and also the email addresses of all those who have not. You could also, for example, create a private 'admin' group and restrict access to admin web pages to only members of an 'admin' club. For more info check out the Registration System User Guide and look for 'Subscriptions and Clubs' To access the new feature go to the Registration System control panel and you'll see a button: Subscription and Clubs


UPDATE: We've changed the icons (buttons) for the Message Service. They are much more meaningful now but are slightly bigger. Check that they still fit correctly on your web pages. Let us know of any problems!


NEWS FLASH: Some of you may have received an email about your subscription expiring/expired by mistake. If you have, then ignore the email. We ran something yesterday which may have sent some emails out by mistake. As a precaution we have ensured that no subscriptions are considered expired/expiring and everything should be working fine for everyone. If however you have a problem with your account of course let us know.


UPDATE: Registration System: A few weeks ago we removed the 'Create Profile' form from the Registration System application process (making it a shorter process). Instead, new members are asked if they want to create their profile when they first log on to your site. However, it has been noticed that now, new registrations often don't bother to create a profile at all. Therefore you can configure the Registration System to be the way it used to be i.e. to include the 'Create Profile' form. Go to 'Registration System' | 'Configure' and take a look at the new options at the bottom of the form. You can also determine the order in which the forms/survey appear in your Registration application.


NEW: You can now add a survey to your registration forms. This will enable you to get some statistics about your registered members. In order to add a survey to your registration form: 1) sign up for SurveyBuilder (free) 2) build the survey 3) Go to 'Registration System' | 'Configure' and at the bottom of the configuration form you will see an option to add the survey. Simple! As always let us know of any problems.


ACTION REQUIRED: If you are using the Message Service icons in your web site then you need to complete a simple installation step to get them to work properly. Go to 'Message Service' | 'URL/Code Paste' and follow the new Installation Step at the top of the page


NEW TOOLS: Message Service and Visitor Tracker. Message Service allows your visitors to send messages to one another and the Visitor Tracker allows you to display who is currently visiting your site and who is logged on (if you are using the PoppyDog Registration System). Try them out and tell us about any problems or suggestions you might have to improve them. In particular we'd like to know how you feel about Message Service because we can't make up our minds about whether its any good or not! We will be integrating it as a feature of the forum boards soon.