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Charge a membership registration fee

The Registration Payment Service is an Add-On service for the Registration System Tool. It enables you to charge a fee for membership to your website. You can charge a one off payment, set up a recurring subscription, offer a free trial and even choose to offer two levels of membership: free and full.

Accept payments using PayPal

We have joined up with PayPal to offer this service. Simply signup for a PayPal Business or Premier account (free) and then you can instantly configure your PoppyDog Registration System to start charging a fee for registration.

Key Features

Just add links to your website:
or like this:
  • Seamlessy built into the registration process.
  • Setup different payment options: one off fee for lifetime membership, one off fee for fixed length membership or recurring subscription payments
  • Offer your members a free trial membership
  • Supports promo codes for special mambership rates
  • Have two levels of registration membership: free and full/paid for
  • Fully automated
  • Visitors can log on only after payment is accepted.
  • If a member cancels their subscription or the 'paid for' time period ends their membership is suspended and they have to pay again in order to login
  • Protect web pages so that only full/paid up members can view them
  • If you ever need to you can manually delete/accept/upgrade memberships using payment invoice numbers