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Create a photo album or a more sophisticated photo gallery

PhotoCenter Builder enables you to display photos and images as a portfolio in the style of a gallery or album. Visitors can comment on the images and rate them as well. You can also invite visitors to upload their own images. The PhotoCenter is fully integrated with the Registration System tool so you can invite visitors to register before being able to view or upload images.

Demo PhotoCenter

Key Features

Rate photos:
  • Embed the photocenter directly into your web page
  • Invite visitors to comment on images
  • Invite visitors to rate images
  • Fast loading thumbnails
  • Public can upload photos
  • Choose to accept or reject photos uploaded by the public
    (before they are published live)
  • Set maximum sizes for images uploaded by your visitors
  • Fully integrated with the Registration System tool
    All the features of the registration system tool e.g. login, registration, membership by approval, profiles, avatars, directory of members etc
  • Restrict view/uploads/voting/comments to registered members
  • Control who can upload images: private, public, or your registered members only
  • Control who can view an album: private, public, or your registered members only
  • Automatic creation of thumbnails for fast downloading to browser