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Message inbox service (works with the Registration System)

Allow your web site members to send messages to one another. An ideal companion to the Registration System.

Demo of Message Service

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to set up: simply embed the message service into a web page and then add a 'My Messages' link to the page in your website
  • A 'Send Message' link automatically appears in your member profiles.
  • A 'My Messages' link automatically appears in relevant tools (e.g. forum boards, photo center).
  • Members can choose not to receive messages
  • Configure service so that messages can only be sent to and from the website administrator
  • Maximum of 40 messages stored in a members inbox (oldest message replaced by new when inbox full)
  • 'Unread' messages stored for 4 weeks. 'Read' messages stored for 2 weeks.
  • Unregistered visitors can send messages
    Allow your unregistered website visitors to send messages to your members. Visitors don't need an account, instead they provide their email address to which replies will be sent.
  • Email notification of messages
    Members are sent an email notifying them that they have received a message
  • Fully integrated with the Registration System and other tools such as Forum Boards and PhotoCenter
  • Free updates and new features