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An easy way to have your web forms emailed to you

Our Email Form Service enables you to easily create a web form and have it emailed to you when a visitor submits it. It includes a form builder tool, built in form validation and a spam filter.

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Key Features

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  • Simply link to the form or paste the form html into your web page
  • Specify a thank you page for each form
  • Specify an email address for each form
  • Includes IP address logging
  • Built in form builder to easily create a form
  • Spam filter to eliminate forms being submitted filled with spam
  • Built in form validation supporting required fields, valid email addresses etc
  • Visual image verification (captcha) to prevent auto spam bots
  • Custom HTML code paste
    Paste the HTML for the form into your web pages and customize it anyway you want.
  • Supports file upload
  • Database backup of recent form submissions
    The last 10 form submissions are backed up in the database for you to view. This makes sure that you see all forms even if your mail server goes down
  • Submit any form to the emailer (i.e. you don't have to use the form builder)