Demonstration center for PoppyDog tools.


Email Web Form Demo


Example I: Simply create link to your form
In this example the form is hosted on our servers. All you have to do is create link to the form on your web page

Demo Feedback Form

Example II: Code Paste V2 - handy for small forms
This small form has been pasted into the page. We've altered the html so that the input fields are small in size. When the form is submitted the visitor is returned back to this page and the submit button is replaced by a customizable thank you message:

Name *

Upload your Resume or CV:

Example III: Code Paste V1
This form has been pasted into the web page. When the form is submitted a thank you page appears.

Name: *

How did you find us?
Search Engine
Link From Another Site
News Article
Word of Mouth

What do you think of PoppyDog? *

We need to demo some checkboxes right?
Don't Know
Don't Care
I Don't Understand


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