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User RequestPoppyDog CommentImplemented
I want a list of the most recent forum posts to appear above my forums. Is this possible? This has been implemeted. We also implemented a little widget that displays the most recent forum posts so that you can display the list on your home page or wherever you want


The free trial of the Registration System Payment service doesn't allow me to actually charge for membership - can the free trial be fully functioning? The free trial is now a fully functioning for one month so you can really test it out


I want my members to be able to search for other members. can you creat a widget for this (or somthing?) A little search box widget has been created that can be inserted anywhere into a web page e.g. a home page. The search box searches members profiles and lists of all matching members.


I want to add my own links to the Registration System Widget  


When people register they are sent a confirmation email. the email address of the confirmation email is noreply@poppydog.com. I want this email address to be my own rather than yours. Prof subscribers can now specify the email address that is used whenever emails need to be sent to your website members e.g. registration confirmation, forum message replie notification etc etc.


With the Password Protector I want to be able to protect pages using a password only (rather than username/passsword)  


Aug 09 - Mar 10 feature requests are currently missing. They will get added to this list at some time.

Aug 09 -
Mar 10

1) When editing a profile, I want members to see their photo (rather than just the url of the image). This is so that they can see what their photo actually is.

2) I would like to be able to remove the following options from the edit profile form:

a. List me in the Member Directory
b. List me in the 'Who's Online'
c. I will accept messages from other members.

3) I am using two types of registrations. You call them 'Registration for Individuals' and 'Registration for Businesses'. I want to call them something else


14 Jul 09

I was wondering if it would be possible to set up so I can create an e-mail list of just full members. Or just Free members. Also, I would like to be able to sort on that. I know we can sort on almost everything but that. I would think this would be very helpful to those wishing to send email to those who are members or to those who we would like to become full members.  

14 Jul 09

Can you provide a link for people to logoff the Password Protected Area  

15 Jun 09

A number of our message board users have been asking me if it is possible to reverse the orders of the postings? They would like the latest posting to appear at the top of the board (newest to oldest chronologically) so they don't have to scroll through all the postings to see what was posted last. Is it possible to set that up? We've added more navigational and ordering links to the forum boards

15 Jun 09

I only want certain people to be able to view survey results You can now restrict access to survey results to holders of a password. Set the password on the config page for the survey. You need to provide the 'view results' link (see the URL/Code Paste page) to the people concerned e.g. on the web site somewhere or email it to them along with the password.

13 Jun 09

Can I charge a monthly rate and a 6 month rate?  If so how?  I do not see the option.   You can now setup different registration subscription offers, e.g. $10/month and $50/6months and $80/year etc

14 Apr 09

On our message board, when a person posts the last message on a topic, their name appears in the Last Post column which is fine. My concern is that anyone can click on that name and see that persons profile. Shouldn't that feature only be available to people who are logged in and if that is not the case, can we make it that way for privacy security We've provided a configuration option so that you can insist visitors logon before being able to view profiles.

28 Mar 09

Can we have the ability to move topics from one forum board to another? Yes, implemented

23 Mar 09

I want to be able to charge businesses who register with me differently to individuals You can now charge businesses for registering with you differently to individuals who register with you

16 Mar 09

Can we set something up so that we can provide our own logon page for the password protector? Yes, implemented

12 Feb 09

When viewing the Members Directory, some of our website visitors have complained that they cannot order the directory by the lastname. They can only order by username, join date etc. Can we change this Visitors can now order by any column in the members directory

12 Jan 09

Captcha has suddenly appeared on my guestbook and forum. why? Can i get rid of it please ad put it back to how it was. Captcha was added to prevent spam postings. However we have made changes so that in the forums if someone is logged on Capita does not appear. With registrations: if you manually approve registrations it does not appear. It remains in the guestbook. If you provide us with a good reason for removing it from the guestbook let us know

23 Oct 08

Can I get rid of the 'Login|View Profile' links at the top of the Forum boards and photocenter because I already have them in my web page We now provide an option to remove the 'toolbar' from all the tools

23 Oct 08

When someone registers, the email sent to me only contains the username and password. Firstly I do not want the password sent by email and secondly I want all the registration details in the email. We've taken out the password. All the details our now included in the email and the email is formatted more clearly. In fact you can choose the email to be plain text or simple html format.

16 Aug 08

We'd really like visitors to be able to upload their Avatar in their profile? We've made this available for professional subscriptions

04 Feb 08

I need more than 10 responses in my Voting Poll Professional version now has 50 responses, free version still has 10


I want to display a members photo in my web page when they log on We now provide some JavaScript to enable you to display someones avatar anywhere you want on your web pages


I use the forums for by school class and I need to block swear words We now provide a customizable profanity filter for all postings


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