About Us

Who are we?

PoppyDog provides a suite of sophisticated web tools and web services that can be used by both beginners and expert web developers.

Do you offer free tools?

All our services are made available both as free versions and fully featured professional versions. If you sign up for the professional subscription ($5.00/month) all your tools are upgraded to the Professional versions. One difference between the two versions is that the free versions have adverts on the tool web pages.

Are the tools suitable for professional web sites?

Quite simply yes! We have developed some serious heavy weight services that provide features and web site functionality that can be seen on many major web sites.

Our members are important

We are always very keen to hear suggestions for new features and tools. Many features have been implemented in response to request from our members. So if you have any suggestions or requests for new features/services let us know and we'll see what we can do.

No installation required

All tools are hosted on PoppyDog servers so you do not have to install any programs or databases on your web server.

Fully configurable

Each tool is packed with configuration and customization options. We want you to have complete control over your tools and how they look.

Use in a simple or advanced way

Using our tools can be as simple as inserting a link to the tool on one of your web pages. For the more technically minded members we provide lots of information such as html and javascript code to enable you to fit the tools seamlessly into your web site. With a bit of creative thinking you can achieve a lot!

Upgrades and new features

Our tools get upgraded and new features added all the time behind the scenes. We keep you informed of any major updates that you might be interested in.